Post Date: 16th March 2020

Cancellation of all Weekday Masses at Gurranabraher

As the country is further ‘Locked Down’ Mass-goers sufferings intensify with the cancellation of all weekdays Masses for the foreseeable future, in dioceses all across Ireland. The announcement was relayed to parishioners at morning Masses on Monday, 16th March, 2020. On Thursday last week we announced the cancellation of Weekend Masses.

So many faithful Catholics whose natural instinct, in times of danger, is to seek recourse to Divine Assistance are now not able to avail of the most powerful remedy of all, the Holy Mass. We wish to assure these parishioners that God hears their cry – and is close to them in these seemingly apocalyptic times.

We encourage our parishioners to continue to seek refuge in the Lord; to pray harder than ever before for a solution to this plague that threatens to overwhelm us. Intercede before Mary, the Mother of God, imploring her intercession for a nation that has largely turned its back on the Lord.

While public Masses are not celebrated, your priests continue to say Masses in private and are available to you. Our parish church remains open during the day – let it be again ‘Teach Phobal’, the ‘house of the people’ of Gurranabraher – a special place where one can encounter a God who wishes to be close to you.