Post Date: 13th February 2021

Livestreaming all Masses at Gurranabraher

At last, Gurranabraher joins the long line of other parishes in the Dioceses who have installed cameras so that all liturgical celebrations can be livestreamed directly to the computers or smartphones of parishioners.

With the Lockdown still preventing Masses from being celebrated publicly it is a powerful way of remaining in contact with our people. Indeed, as it is livestreamed all around the world former parishioners who have settled in far-away places will now have an opportunity of connecting into our services too.

(During the Lockdown Masses will be livestreamed every day, (Monday to Saturday), at 10am. On Sundays Mass will be celebrated at 11.30am). Funeral Masses will also be livestreamed. When the Lockdown is ended we will revert to our former schedule.

To access the site go to, Scroll down the home page until you see ‘Watch Webcam’. That will bring you into the livestream. You can also access it from the bar at top of homepage.