Post Date: 26th January 2024

The first lay person to be Diocesan Secretary has been appointed by the diocese

As part of an ongoing re-organisation of diocesan resources to serve the needs of the local faith communities, the Diocese of Cork and Ross has for the first time appointed a lay woman to serve as Diocesan Secretary. Sheila Lewis, who is from Kilworth, in north Cork, has a background in industry and the voluntary sector, and will commence her full-time role in the Diocesan Office on Feb 1st.

In announcing this appointment, Bishop Fintan has said that he is grateful for the selfless and generous service provided by Fr Michael Keohane since his appointment as Diocesan Secretary.

“I also warmly welcome Sheila and I am confident that she will receive support and kindness from the whole diocese as she begins this work which is a historic moment for our diocese,” Bishop Fintan said.