Priests stand with their people

We remind parishioners that we continue to hold them in our prayers and in our Masses that we celebrate privately each day. For everyone there is much adjusting to do in these unprecedented times. For us it is very difficult to say Mass alone each morning when our lives have been centered around meeting people and celebrating the sacraments with them.

We feel for the many who cherished the Eucharist each day and who now feel abandoned by everyone – even the Church. We ask them to have faith – to put their trust in God. We encourage all to say the Rosary daily for the salvation of the world. If only families would begin to say the Rosary what a difference it would make to the world.


Special Care for the Elderly

We appeal to our Catholic members to be extra alert at this time concerning the needs of the old, the sick and the vulnerable. These are the very people who are most at risk to Covid19 – the Corona virus. Please get close to them and offer any assistance you can such as purchasing essential supplies, etc. Be aware that Meals on Wheels are ready to provide hot nutritious meals for those who may wish to avail of them.

If you can offer assistance in any way please contact the Parish Office, 021 4303 655, and provide your name and address. You will be contacted when the need arises.


Cancellation of all Weekday Masses at Gurranabraher

As the country is further ‘Locked Down’ Mass-goers sufferings intensify with the cancellation of all weekdays Masses for the foreseeable future, in dioceses all across Ireland. The announcement was relayed to parishioners at morning Masses on Monday, 16th March, 2020. On Thursday last week we announced the cancellation of Weekend Masses.

So many faithful Catholics whose natural instinct, in times of danger, is to seek recourse to Divine Assistance are now not able to avail of the most powerful remedy of all, the Holy Mass. We wish to assure these parishioners that God hears their cry – and is close to them in these seemingly apocalyptic times.

We encourage our parishioners to continue to seek refuge in the Lord; to pray harder than ever before for a solution to this plague that threatens to overwhelm us. Intercede before Mary, the Mother of God, imploring her intercession for a nation that has largely turned its back on the Lord.

While public Masses are not celebrated, your priests continue to say Masses in private and are available to you. Our parish church remains open during the day – let it be again ‘Teach Phobal’, the ‘house of the people’ of Gurranabraher – a special place where one can encounter a God who wishes to be close to you.


All weekend Masses Cancelled until further Notice at Gurranabraher Parish

Following a restriction on all gatherings of over 100 people issued by the Irish Government on Thursday, 12th March, to ‘slow down’ the spread of the Corona Virus, all weekend Masses have now been cancelled at Gurranabraher Parish Church.

In a news release from Bishop Fintan Gavin late on Thursday, he says: “In light of this [Government directive] in the Diocese of Cork and Ross, all public Weekend Masses will be discontinued until further notice. This also refers to Masses for St. Patrick’s Day. I would ask you to celebrate Sunday Mass privately for the people of your parish and, where available, to have it broadcast via webcam. My hope is that the people of your parish, while not able to join you physically, could join you spiritually in that Mass.

As I said in my earlier e-mail, Mass will continue to be live-streamed from the Cathedral at It is my hope to celebrate the 11.30 am Mass there each Sunday.

Funerals, weddings, baptisms and weekday Masses may continue as long as the attendance does not exceed 100 people.”

Parishioners will be kept informed of developments at above parish via our webpage. These are indeed trying times for the Christian community who tries to keep faith with the Lord.

Parochial Bingo cancelled until further notice

Also to be effected by this latest Government directive is the Sunday night Bingo at Gurranabraher Parochial Hall. Probably the longest going Bingo in Ireland; it is for many older people the only source of entertainment they have. We hope that this crisis will soon pass and that the Bingo will resume again.


The Corona Virus and other Sicknesses

At a time of year when numerous illnesses are abroad – most particularly the Corona virus that threatens to reach pandemic proportions – people should use common sense in their day-to-day activities. A few simple procedures can reduce considerably risks of contamination:

i) Wash hands regularly using soap and warm water;
ii) Ensure all hard surfaces that are frequently touched, such as door handles, hand rails, taps, etc, are cleaned regularly with a household detergent or antiseptic wipes.
iii) Do not cough and sneeze directly into your hands use tissues and dispose of them afterwards. iv) Avoid as much as possible making contact with your face. If you feel the symptoms of flu or virus it is advised that you do not visit the sick to avoid compromising both your own health and the health of the person you are visiting or their families.

Remember, those who have flu are under no obligation to go to Mass. If you have flu-like symptoms please stay at home, rest, stay well hydrated and, if necessary, seek your doctor’s help.

Mass is available daily via different internet websites and on the Catholic Channel, EWTN.