Feast of Immaculate Conception – (Holy Day of Obligation)

Masses on Tuesday, Vigil – 5.30pm & Wednesday 8am and 10am.

On Wednesday, 8th December, Christians all over the world celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This feast recalls a hugely decisive moment in salvation history when God intervenes to spare Mary [at her moment of conception in the womb of her mother, Ann], from the consequences of the sin of Adam, (Original sin).

What were/are these consequences? The Church teaches that because of Adam’s disobedience every human being ever born is contaminated by that original sin – resulting in the loss of innocence – where the human will is weakened, the intellect is darkened and human passions are inclined towards evil.

Why was Mary granted this special grace from God? For one reason only – Mary was singularly chosen to bring forth in her womb the Saviour of the world. It could not happen that this Saviour could dwell in the womb of a person contaminated in any way by sin – original or actual. Thus, Mary, seen by God, even before she took existence, as an exemplary disciple, is spared the contamination of that original sin and so is indeed a worthy vessel for the Christ to take human form and to be born.

What was granted to Mary before Christ’s death and resurrection is now granted to all of us at Baptism.

O Mary conceived without original sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.


Handel’s Messiah Recital in Ascension Church – November 28th 2021 @ 8pm

The East Cork Choral Society will perform George Frideric Handel’s great work about the life of Jesus, titled ‘Messiah’, at Ascension Church, Gurranabraher on Sunday, November 28, @ 8pm. Admission – €20.

Soprano – Gemma Magner;
Alto – Sarah Luttrell,
Tenor – Peter O’Reilly;
Bass – Gheorghe Palcu;
East Cork Orchestra – Eithne Willis, leader.
Conductor – Colin Nicholls.

All proceeds, after expenses, will be divided between St Joseph’s Parish Mayfield and our own parish, Gurranabraher.

Tickets available at Parish Office. (021 4303 655)


Masses on Monday, 1st November 2021 – All Saints – @ 8am & 10am

This Monday, the Feast of All Saints, begins the great crusade of prayer for the dead that the Church initiates each month of November. On the Feast of All Saints the Church rejoices with all the Saints who now share at God’s Heavenly Banquet. For the remaining days of November we remember those Souls now undergoing purification before the can share at God’s Table. We invite you to come to Mass during this month and pray for all whom you have loved and gone before you. Mass each morning at 10am.


November Remembrance Mass 2021

This year we will have two November Remembrance Masses for all those who died since November, 2020.

The first Mass, on Saturday, 6th November at 5.30pm will remember all those who died between November, 2020 and May, 2021.

The Second Mass, celebrated on Sunday 7th November at 11.30am, will remember those who died from June, 2021 to the present.

All families will be notified of this arrangement. Two family members will be invited on the night to bring forward the lighted candle in memory of their loved one. This candle will be placed on the Altar at the Remembrance Mass.


Church Front Gates gone for Refurbishment

The Church front gates ‘in situ’ since 1955 have finally gone for refurbishment. These gates donated to Bishop Lucey in 1955 following an appeal for finances and building materials – as he undertook the building of five churches located in the heart of new estates springing up around the city suburbs – were later discovered to be of great artistic and historical value. The gates fabricated by John Parry, one of Ireland’s Master craftsmen in the early 1900s, were specially commissioned for the Carnegie Library built beside the City Hall; and officially opened in 1905. The Carnegie Library was burnt to the ground in 1920 when British Crown Forces set the city alight. These gates are probably the only remnants of Carnegie Library that survived the inferno. The gates have been described at a ‘national treasure’ by noted blacksmiths and one of the few pieces of John Perry’s superb work in Cork city. The refurbishment is being done by Mr Pat Ronan and sponsored by the National Heritage Council.


Heritage Council recognizes Artistic and Historical value of Church Gates

The Heritage Council

The Heritage Council of Ireland, in its recent deliberations, awarded a grant of €15,000 for the complete refurbishment of front gates at Ascension Parish Church that have very significant artistic and historical value. The gates have been in-situ at Ascension Parish since its construction in 1955. They were originally the gates that adorned the grandiose Carnigie Library, in Anglesea Street, that opened to the public in 1905: and which was destroyed in the infamous burning of the city of Cork in 1920.

The gates, the work of Master craftsman, John Perry, in terms of design, stands out from anything else that was happening at that time, not only in Cork but in the entire country. Therefore, the gates are not only part of Cork’s heritage but are of national importance.

We are grateful to Mr Joe Murphy, whose company fabricated the steel used in the construction of the church in 1955, for bringing to our attention the artistic and historical significance of the gates – and for gently prodding us to preserve them for future generations. We are truly grateful to the Heritage Council of Ireland for awarding us the sum of €15,000 to restore these gates to their original splendour. Their website is found at www.heritagecouncil.ie
This work of restoration will begin shortly.


New Pastoral Initiative in North City Parishes

Following the retirement from active ministry of Archdeacon Liam O’Driscoll, who was Parish Priest of Clogheen/Kerry Pike for the past 14 years – and the non-availability of a priest to fill the vacancy – Bishop Fintan Gavin has convened a number of meetings with some priests of the north city Deanery, (Gurranabraher, Farranree and Knocknaheeny), to work out an initiative that would provide for the continuing pastoral needs of Clogheen/Kerry Pike parish; as well and the needs of the other three parishes in the event of circumstances changing in these places. Consequently, Fr Greg Howard, Fr John Walsh, Fr Aidan Vaughan and Fr Tomás Walsh have agreed to accept shared responsibility for the above named parishes. This means that with immediate effect these priests will be visible in all of the four parishes and will regularly celebrate Sacraments there.

For us here in Gurranbraher, it means having to make some changes to our current schedule to facilitate this new pastoral initiative. It means bringing forward the Saturday Vigil Mass from its present time of 6pm to 5.30pm and discontinuing the weekday 8am Masses. Other parishes have also been asked to accept changes. We ask parishioners’ understanding and cooperation with this new arrangement. A letter, from Bishop Fintan, addressed to all parishioners, outlining the necessity for these changes is available at all Masses this weekend.


Afternoon of Atonement to the Divine Mercy

On this Sunday, (Divine Mercy Sunday), we will have an afternoon of Atonement to the Divine Mercy, in reparation for the blasphemies and outrages committed against the Lord.

The afternoon will begin at 1.30pm, with Solemn Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It will conclude with Mass at 3.30pm celebrated by Fr Marius O’Reilly. During the Adoration Rosary and the Divine Chaplet will be recited

Due to penal Lock-down regulations still in place the Service of Atonement can only be livestreamed at www.gurranabraherparish.ie/webcam/

We invite all to join us for this Devotion.