Pastoral Visit by Bishop Fintan Gavin

This weekend, 24th/25th June, Bishop Fintan Gavin will visit our parish to meet parishioners and look at the administration of our parish.

It is Bishop Fintan’s first visit to our parish so we ask all parishioners to give him a traditional Gurranabraher Céad Míle Fáilte.

A cup of tea will be available after the 11.30am Mass for parishioners, so, we invite parishioners to wait behind and join us in the celebration.


Holy Week Schedule

Monday – Wednesday: Mass each morning at 10am.

Holy Thursday
10am, Mass of Chrism (at Cathedral of Ss Mary & Anne)
7pm, Mass of Lord’s Supper.

Good Friday
12pm, Stations of the Cross.
3pm, Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion.

Holy Saturday
7pm, Celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection.

Easter Sunday
9am, Celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection.
11.30am, Celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection.

Easter Monday
10am. Mass of the Resurrection


Gurranabraher Christmas Market

Date: Friday 16th December 2022

Venue: Parochial Hall

Time: 10am – 1pm

Lots of stalls – full of Christmas gifts ideas.

Carol Singing, raffle, tea and coffee.

Come along and join us.

Admission Free!!

Gurranabraher Christmas Market 2022


Feast of Immaculate Conception (Thursday, 8th December) Holy Day of Obligation

Vigil Mass on Wednesday – 5.30pm & Thursday 8am and 10am.

On Thursday, 8th December, Christians all over the world celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This feast recalls a hugely decisive moment in salvation history when God intervenes to spare Mary [at her moment of conception in the womb of her mother, Ann], from the consequences of the sin of Adam, (Original sin).

What were/are these consequences of Original Sin? The Church teaches that because of Adam’s disobedience every human being ever born is contaminated by that original sin – resulting in the loss of innocence – where the human will is weakened, the intellect is darkened and human passions are inclined towards evil.

Why was Mary granted this special grace from God? For one reason only – Mary was singularly chosen to bring forth in her womb the Saviour of the world. It could not happen that this Saviour could dwell in the womb of a person contaminated in any way by sin – original or actual. Thus, Mary, seen by God, even before she took existence, as an exemplary disciple, is spared the contamination of that original sin and so is indeed a worthy vessel for the Christ to take human form and to be born. What was granted to Mary before Christ’s death and resurrection is now granted to all of us at Baptism.

O Mary conceived without original sin,
pray for us who have recourse to you.


Community Employment Scheme Opportunities

CE Schemes fund community and voluntary organisations, which in turn provide employment opportunities to benefit the local community. There are 25,000 citizens on schemes, they are managed and organised by 1,250 supervisors and assistant supervisors; – the work of CE supervisors and Sponsors is integral to the overall success and implementation of the CE schemes.

Gurranabraher Parish has benefitted from this scheme by sponsoring staff at Ascension Church and Meals on Wheels.

Currently there are positions available through St. Vincent’s CE as follows:
Kitchen Assistant at Respond, Francis Gardens, Blackpool (Closing date 29/11/2022),
and a
Community Worker with Friendly Call, Parochial Hall, (Closing date 26/12/2022).

Soon there will be Caretaker vacancies available at Parochial Hall – details to follow.

Further info can be found on along with eligibility criteria.


November Novena Masses for the Dead

Tuesday, 1st – All Saints (A Holy Day of Obligation).

Vigil Mass on Monday @ 5.30pm & Tuesday @ 8am, 10am & 7pm.

Wednesday, 2nd Nov – Thursday 10th Nov weekday Masses @ 10am & 7pm

Mass Live each day at @


Easter Schedule at Ascension Parish

Holy Thursday
7pm – Mass commemorating the Institution of the Eucharist

Good Friday
12noon – Stations of the Cross
3pm – Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

Holy Saturday
7pm – Vigil Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection

Easter Sunday
9am & 11.30am – Day Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection