Gurranabraher Church Roof Appeal

Gurranabraher Church Roof Appeal

Gurranabraher Church Roof AppealAscension church has served the people of Gurranabraher/Churchfield for almost sixty three years. Most from this area will remember with joy celebrating the first great big events of their lives there – receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. As adults, others will remember coming to Ascension Church to be married. And still others will remember in sadness the Requiem Masses celebrated there for loved ones before they were brought to their place of rest: Glad they had such a sacred place to commend their dead to the Lord – and to give thanksgiving for the gift they were to their own kin.

This parish church located high over Cork city, with its illuminated cross raining down blessings on the city of Cork, is now facing the biggest struggle of its existence. Its roof needs total replacement. The consultant Engineers involved have warned: “if the work is not tackled immediately the extent of damage will increase along with the cost of the work – and pose health and safety issues…” This work is going to cost over €460,000 to complete.

The worshipping community at Gurranabraher/Churchfield are up for the task of raising the funds necessary to carry out the repairs – and entrusting the renovated structure to a new generation of Catholics in this area. Already a Fund Raising Committee has been formed – and major activities are planned over the coming months and years to raise the necessary funds to accomplish that task.

However, a project of this size, at this time, is beyond the capability of most parish communities. For that reason Gurranabraher/Churchfield Parish seeks the support of all parishioners wherever they have relocated throughout the world – and from all others who know the pain and loss involved when a parish church closes.

May the prayer of Bishop Lucey, when consecrating the church on Ascension Thursday, 1955, continue to be realized through the active involvement of today’s generation. He prayed then:

“… We have put the House of God among the houses of His people; we have crowned this hill of Gurranabraher with this massive majestic Church of the Ascension… This is God’s House and the people’s. May it continue so, not for a generation, but for centuries, a veritable Gate of Heaven for all who shall dwell in these parts for ages to come…”

We will be truly grateful for any donations received in ensuring that Ascension parish will remain a centre of Christian worship – and whose illuminated Cross will continue to shine out over our parish, and our city, bringing God’s protection to future generations.

Donations can be made by following the instructions below.

Offline Donation

Donations for roof repairs are also gratefully accepted at Parish Office or they can be lodged directly into:

Ascension Church Building Fund A/c
AIB Bank
IBAN: IE65 AIBK 934194 32642064